Collectord - release history

Release History

6.0.301 - 2019-03-14

  • Supports override annotations for CloudWatch Logs output.

6.0.300 - 2019-03-11

  • Initial release, single image produced by merging capabilities of collectorfordocker, collectorforkubernetes, collectorforopenshift.
  • Forwarding host logs.
  • Forwarding containers logs (docker and CRI-O).
  • Forwarding docker and kubernetes events.
  • Forwarding events from journald.
  • New Output - S3/Glue Catalog API.
  • New Output - CloudWatch Logs.
  • Support subdomains in annotations for various deployments of collectord.

Previous versions

Collectord had a history to be packaged as a dedicated collector for Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift. Please read the release notes for each product in the following links.

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